Group members

Group Members who works for food growing have individual task:

1. Masood Ahmadi : research topic about water value in food growing .

2. Fahid Ahmad khan : research topic about fertiliser and Calvin in cycle in food growing.

3. Mehedi rana : research topic about green house effect in plants in food growing.

4. Jannate Nayem: research topic about micro organism for plants / protect plants from radiation in food growing.

5. Anastasia jurova: research topic about mars sail vs earth soil in food growing.

6. Hau ha : research topic about temperature reaction to different plants in food growing.

7. Maria viasova: research topic about plant nutrition in food growing.

8. Bejoy raju : research topic about storm effect on plants in food growing.


Our topic is about growing food in Mars basically all of our Team member is having an individual task to handle the project in this team. As a team sharing the topic is a good idea so everyone is focusing on his/her subject. we are gathering during this project in different places for an example TAMK University of Applied Science . discussion are going through social application in our group in WhatsApp and almost of our team member is active and researching for this challenge.